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Mermaid Swimming

During the mermaid lessons your child will become acquainted with the underwater world whilst wearing an actual mermaid tail. The children will learn how to graciously move through the water like a real mermaid.

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Mermaid course

During the mermaid course children will be taught all the underwater techniques, such as the mermaid stroke, the backstroke and diving, in 6 weeks’ time.

In order to participate in these lessons children have to be at least 8 years old and already have their B-diploma. Lessons are 45 minutes long and are taught on Thursdays at 5.45pm and on Fridays at 5.30pm. On the last day of the course the mermaids will show what they have learned and receive a real mermaid diploma!

The next course starts:
-Thursday 6 september 17:45 uur (Full)
-Friday 7 september 17:30 uur (Full) 

-Thursday 1 november 17:45 uur
-Friday 2 november 17:30 uur 

Would you like to sign your child up or do you have any further questions? Please contact Elvira (



Would you like to have a mermaid pool party? You can have one at R&A Vathorst!

Are you looking for a fun and unique location to celebrate your kid’s birthday? R&A offers you the possibility to throw a mermaid pool party under our supervision, where your child and his/her friends have exclusive access to the swimming pool. The whole pool is available for the children and of course there will be time for some candy or treats during the party itself.

During the party the children will be taught the basic techniques of mermaid swimming. Additionally, there will be a floating catwalk in the water and the underwater lights will be turned on!

If you are interested in throwing your kid’s mermaid pool party with us you can contact Elvira (


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