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During the snorkeling lessons children become familiar with the underwater world. With the use of the basic equipment consisting of diving goggles, a snorkel and flippers, the children will learn to orientate themselves under water and work together with others. They can earn three official snorkeling diplomas from the Nationale Raad Zwemdiploma.

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Underwater world

When your child has received his or her ABC diplomas and wants to continue swimming, then learning how to snorkel is a fun way of letting your child get accustomed to the wonderous underwater world. During these lessons children are taught the different skills needed to receive their snorkeling diplomas.

TThis concerns both individual skills as well as being able to perform tasks together with a buddy.

Children will learn how to breathe through a snorkel, what to do when water enters the snorkel or goggles, how to pick up objects from the bottom of the pool, how to swim with flippers and how to swim and work together with a buddy. Additionally, we will teach the children how to orientate themselves underwater, with both regular as well as blackened out goggles. You can find all official requirements for the snorkeling diploma on the website of the   National Raad Zwemdiploma’s. 

By earning their snorkeling diploma, children’s safety in the water will only increase. Besides this, it is also very fun for your child to be able to snorkel properly when you go on holiday together, so he or she can safely explore the open water.


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