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Swimming lessons at home

Do you have a pool at home and are you looking for a swimming instructor? R&A has the instructor for you. For several years we have been providing swimming lessons at homes around Het Gooi, Amsterdam and Utrecht. The lessons can be scheduled according to your wishes.

Your own Pool 

The swimming lessons are taught by certified instructors who will teach your child to swim according to the official Swimming ABC regulations. Experience shows that children will learn how to swim faster when they are in a familiar environment in which they feel comfortable.

You can choose for the lessons to be private lessons just for your child, but you are also free to let friends participate. During the swimming lessons we will provide the necessary materials such as floatation devices.


The convenience of having the swimming lessons at home means you do not have to go out to the swimming pool for these lessons every week. Additionally, there is a lot of personal and you can decide when the lessons take place each week.

For more information please contact us by sending an email to Elvira ( with your phone number and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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