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Swim ABC

For many years R&A Sports & Swimming has trained children to swim according to the official Dutch Swimming ABC. Lessons are taught in groups of 8 to 9 children with two instructors in the water. A relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere is important to us and you are always welcome to come and watch your son’s or daughter’s swimming lessons.

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Since October 1998 everyone in The Netherlands has been taught to swim according to the Swimming ABC. At R&A we teach children the skills for their ABC diploma with the help of numerous floating devices. There is a lot of personal attention for the children. The swimming instructors are standing in the water so that they can offer the needed assistance to the children who are learning the different techniques.

The children are soon taught how to keep their head above the water without the help of their floating wings and what they should do if they happen to fall in the water. By training their self-reliance the children quickly learn how to move through the water independently with the help of different swimming techniques.


The Swimming ABC is constructed in such a way that children become more and more skillful with each diploma they receive. The swimming strokes that are taught for these diplomas are the breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl and back crawl. Children are also tested on their ability to swim through a hole underwater, float and be able to swim with their clothes on. You can find the official rules for the A-, B- and C-diploma on the website of the Nationale Raad Zwemveiligheid.

With R&A your child will be taught to swim in a fun and child friendly manner. You can find us at four different locations: Blaricum, Amsterdam-South, Amersfoort-Vathorst and Sherpa (in between Hilversum and Baarn. You are always welcome to come watch one of the swimming lessons at one of these locations.

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