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Survival Swimming

The Netherlands is surrounded by water. It is therefore important that children learn how to handle themselves in the water from a young age. As a preparation to the Swimming ABC R&A teaches Survival Swimming to teach them exactly this.

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Survival Swimming is meant for children between the ages of 2,5 and 4. During these classes children are taught in a playful manner how to survive in the water, what they should do if they ever fall in the water and how to swim to the shore by themselves.

The different techniques are initially taught with floating wings, the use of which will be decreased over the course of time, eventually teaching children how to swim independently. Children will also be trained to swim with their clothes on.

Besides learning how to swim independently in the water, this course is also a good preparation for the future Swimming ABC courses. The techniques that the children learn during these lessons are also the ones they must know for their regular swimming classes at a later age. This way, children become accustomed to being in the water, the way of teaching and the pool.

Survival Swimming is taught in small classes, with a maximum of 8 children and 2 instructors in the water. The lessons are 45 minutes long and you are always welcome to come watch your child swim.

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