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Swimming Skills

After having obtained the ABC diplomas your child is officially considered to be able to handle themselves in the water. In order to enhance your child’s swimming skills, and thus his or her safety, the Nationale Raad Zwemdiplomas has created three Swimming Skills diplomas.

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New Techniques 

During the swimming skills lessons new strokes and techniques are taught. The children will learn the breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl, polo crawl and butterfly stroke as well as learning how to dive at the beginning and turn at the end of a lap.

The distances the children swim will increase over time. The structure of these lessons is very similar to that of the Swimming ABC. In the Swimming Skills I lessons children will learn the basics and during Swimming Skills II and III the techniques will be improved and the strokes will be perfected.


Many people see the Swimming Skills lessons as a sport itself. During these lessons the children will swim many different strokes and hereby use almost all their muscle groups. Swimming is a healthy sport and it is good for you. In addition, learning the butterfly stroke and the front crawl is a good preparation for possible future water polo or competition swimming.

Obtaining a Swimming Skills diploma will make your child even more secure and comfortable in the water. Of course, it is also nice to see your child learning the various official swimming techniques.

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