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Rescue Swimming

During these rescue swimming lessons children will learn how to survive in the water in a playful manner. They will not only be taught how to save themselves, but also how to save others in the water. A fun, but definitely also very useful addition to their previously earned ABC diplomas.

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With rescue swimming it is about more than swimming laps in order to learn the different survival techniques. Children will have to swim wearing their rain clothes and rainboots and will have to try to stay afloat with all these clothes on.

Children will be taught to think outside the box, for example by using their rainboot or rain pants as a floatation device. There will also be a big inflatable boat which the children will have to work with.


There are three official rescue swimming diplomas. The children are taught the techniques that focus on surviving and rescuing others in the water. Rescuing others will be practiced with the use of a tossing bag, a rescue line and a dummy. Children will also learn to improvise during these lessons, for example by using their rain pants to pull someone out of the water.

Getting a rescue diploma is a great addition to your child’s safety in the water. It not only makes them stronger, but also teaches them how to survive.

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