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Baby Swimming | Parent & Toddler

It is now possible for babies from the age of 12 weeks and up to come to our baby swimming classes. We have a small pool with lovely warm water (31 degrees Celsius) where you and your baby can get acquainted with the water together for the first time under the supervision of a professional. Enjoy the splashing, swinging, singing and floating together!

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Baby Swimming

The courses are taught in small groups. The specially trained swimming instructor will guide you during your playing in the water. Your baby will learn all the (im)possibilities of the water in a safe and playful manner. The free movement in the water helps with the development of the muscles and in a later stage with the coordination of the arms and legs.

Your baby will get acquainted with the water in a fun way. In these classes, your baby will slowly become more and more comfortable being in the water. In the beginning, only a few drops of water will be splashed on the baby’s head, but at a later stage the baby ‘together with mommy or daddy’ will be fully submerged in order to get comfortable with going underwater.


Parent & Toddler Swimming

As soon as your child is able to walk independently it can participate in the parent and child swimming course (minimum age is 1). You will be doing several different fun exercises and singing songs in order to get the children comfortable with being in the water. Propelling through the water is a part of the lessons that teach children the qualities of water at a young age.

During these lessons children will become familiar with being in the water, which will help them during further swimming lessons when they are older. The playful and unforced atmosphere of these lessons ensures a fun time for both parent and child. Would you like to come baby- or parent & child swimming at R&A in Amsterdam or Amersfoort? Sign up for a free trial lesson now!

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