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Pool Party

Are you looking for a fun and unique location to celebrate your kid’s birthday? R&A offers you the possibility to throw a pool party under our supervision, where your child and his/her friends have exclusive access to the swimming pool. Your ‘own swimming pool’ where activities will be organized with props such as a floating catwalk, boats and music.

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A pool party lasts an hour and a half. Several games will be organized for the children, but there is also plenty of time to play around in the pool. You can decide how many children will be attending the party and you will not have to get into the water yourself.

The whole pool is available for the children and of course there will be time for some candy or treats during the party itself.

There will be music, games will be played on the catwalk, competitions will be had with the mat and, when it gets dark, you can swim with the underwater lighting on. It is truly a party and a unique experience to have the pool all to yourself.

If you are interested in throwing your kid’s pool party with us you can contact Ruud (ruud@ra-sports.nl) for the location Sherpa (Baarn) or Elvira (Elvira@ra-sports.nl) for the location Amersfoort-Vathorst.

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