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Nowadays, children learn to swim at a very young age in The Netherlands. This is a positive trend, because it means that more and more children are able to save themselves in the water. However, in order to make sure children do not forget certain swimming strokes, it is important to keep swimming regularly.

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Not all children swim on a regular basis and children who do swim regularly often only swim using the breaststroke.

The other strokes children learn during the ABC courses are hardly or never used anymore.This is why R&A Sports & Swimming offers a refresher course. During this course, children will have to use all the strokes they have learned during their ABC’s and will also be trained on surviving in the water. In these lessons children will learn to swim with a boat or with their clothes on and they will learn how to use several attributes to save others from the water.

In three lessons of one hour each the children will become confident with the water and performing different strokes once more. After these three fun lessons your child will be ready to safely play in the water again, which is of course very convenient for any sunny holiday destination.

Location: Sherpa - Baarn 
When: May 2019
Time: -
Costs:€ 60,-

Location: Vathorst 
When: May 2019
Time: -
Costs:€ 60,-

You can sign your child up by sending an email to 

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