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Scuba Diving Course

In January 2014 R&A Sports & Swimming started teaching scuba diving courses to children ages 8 and up. We teach the official PADI Seal Team diving course: a fun course in which young divers must complete fun and educational Aqua Missions in the pool.

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The PADI Seal Team-program has been set up for your children to become acquainted to the wonderous world of scuba diving. During the diving lessons children will learn things such as trimming, equalizing, scanning the surrounding, floating in the water and retrieving the regulators, through Aqua Missions.

When executing Aqua Missions the focus always lies on a safe and fun diving experience.

The course is taught in small classes, with a maximum of 8 children and the Aqua Missions are performed under the supervision of professional and qualified scuba diving instructors. We provide special diving equipment and after completing the five Aqua Missions the children will receive an official PADI Seal Team scuba diving license.

Is your child interested in taking a scuba diving course? New courses will start soon at our location in Amersfoort. For more information you can contact  Duikschool Wobbegong

Seal Team Cursus (4 weeks) 

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Zondag 14 oktober 12:30 -14:30 uur 
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