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Recreational Swimming

At our location in Amersfoort – Vathorst there is also the possibility to go swimming by yourself. We offer you the possibility to come swim laps, swim as a family, COPD-swimming, or sport- and play swimming. We organize several activities in the warm (31 degrees) water and in the early morning or late evening hours you can swim your laps undisturbed (see schedule). Our goal is to make the Vathorst pool a place where everyone is welcome!

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Sport- and Play Swimming

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons you can come to the pool for a (diving or mermaid) pool party, SwimFun or Family Swimming. In the school vacations we offer extra activities for children. In January there was the New Year Dive and in the May Break there will once more be a Wipe-Out spectacle in the pool. On our Facebook and news section you can find what events will be organized on which days. Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with all the activities organized by R&A.

Every first Friday of the month we organize Disco Swimming from 7-8.30pm. Do you want to come dance and swim under the disco lights in the pool with your friends? If you are between 8 and 14 years old you can sign up by sending an email to


Swimming Laps

Besides the possibility of participating in any of the organized activities, it is also possible for children to swim some laps in the pool on certain times of the week. Check out the schedule for all possibilities.

During the designated lap-swimming times the pool will be closed for any other activities. After doing your laps you are of course welcome to enjoy a good cup of coffee in our café. Swimming is one of the sports where you train every muscle group in your body. It is thus an ideal way to begin or finish your day in the Vathorst pool.

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