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Swimming Test

Before the children receive their diploma they first must demonstrate what they have learned during the lessons and show that they have mastered the required techniques to obtain the diploma. This demonstration sometimes takes place at different pools than where the lessons were taught. Children swimming at Sherpa or in Amersfoort can do their demonstration in their regular pools. Those who usually swim in Blaricum will have to go to Amersfoort and those from Amsterdam will perform their swimming demonstration in De Mirandabad. Before this official demonstration the children will first have a practice swimming session, so that they will know exactly what is expected of them and the ones swimming elsewhere have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new pool. When the practice swimming session goes well the children can demonstrate their skills two weeks later at the official demonstration, where they will receive their diplomas.

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The Big Moment 

Getting your diploma with R&A is a special event. The kids are the center of attention and during their demonstrations we make sure they are enjoying themselves as much as possible. Everyone is welcome at the demonstration swimming session, so not just mom and dad, but also other family members and friends can come to watch.

The children will practice swimming with their clothes on during the regular swimming lessons several times. This starts from the moment we hand you the practice swimming form.



For the A- and B-diploma the children will swim in a long-sleeved shirt, long pants with zippers and pockets and water shoes. The C-diploma will be a bit harder for them, as the children will have to wear a coat on top of all the before mentioned clothes as well.

For the official Swimming ABC-diplomas R&A has several demonstration sessions for the children per year. You can find the exact dates per period by looking on the news section of our website or by asking one of the coordinators at your location.

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